Alright mate, sorry t'hear y'lost in Pride for Small Blokes, told y'it would happen though, didn't I? Y'could've saved y'self a long flight an' some trouble by just listenin' t'the Skelboy, but nevermind.

Anyway, I were wonderin' if y'd do me a big favor an' change the name o'yer school now, eh? I lost some business over the weekend, mate, 'cos I heard some kids walkin' by say this:

"I heard that they teach y'how t'hit cunts w'a bit o'brick in there, sounds ace."

"No mate, that school's run by Chris Brengan, he's shit. He got beat in Pride for Small Blokes an' then he cried about it on the internet, let's go an' stab a pensioner an' burn down the youth club instead, phwoar!"

People are gettin' confused, mate. It in't fair t'me t'not change the name o'yer school. Y'can call it somethin' else, I'll even help y'think o'names. What about 'Sidemount Academy'?


Why's Brengan hidin', mate?

Skelboy you make this place interesting thank you

this should be good...i mean aces