You said this t'justify deletin' me posts an' talkin' bollocks about pro fighter Leigh Remedios:

"From: WestsideStrangler
Date: 03/17/04 11:31 PM
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Leigh- Do you really think you had to thank him here instead of on the phone or while you were there for that matter. Why not just thanks for the training, or thanks for letting me train at your gym."

Then y'say this on another thread:

"From: WestsideStrangler
Date: 03/19/04 01:46 AM
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Duane- Just wanted to say you are a bad man and I really enjoyed training with you the couple days we did."

Why didn't y'thank him "on the phone or while you were there" instead, mate?

ATTN: Skelfag,

Until you type like a normal person, you don't deserve a response. What the FUCK is up with the ignorant typing, dipshit?

The REAL Next Generation is owned/operated by Chris Brennan in CA. Anyplace else is a joke, especially if it is run by some fag that TYPES with an accent.

issues, huh?

I won't respond t'them personal attacks, mate, but I will say that me school's been officially renamed t'"The REAL Next Generation" an' if Brengan don't like it he should have come up w'the idea first.

ThaiedUp, I'm considerin' quite a few offers right now. Depends on the money, mate. I also wouldn't mind fightin' somewhere I in't been before, so if Pride phones up I'll probably fight there.

Unless Pride is going to have a show that is their version of the special olympics then I don't think they'll be calling your retarded ass anytime soon. Hopefully you'll learn how to read and write soon so the rest of the UG can eventually understand what the FUCK you're trying to say!

bollocks!! lol

I doubt you could start a show called The real UFC or sell shoes called Real Nike.

Also did Chris start a seperate thread to thank Duane? Or did he thank him on another thread? IMO it's a big difference.

jaydub is correct!! LOL!!

"IMO it's a big difference."

Correct, imo.

Wrong, knobs. "UFC" an' "Nike" are trademarked brand names, "Next Generation" is just one o'them phrases Brengan decided t'use an' then got all angry at anyone else for usin'.

There you go, now that was a little better. If you could type like that all of the time then maybe you wouldn't get clowned as much. Wait... what am I saying? He's still a fucking retard that won't step up to the plate and face Brennan. And his only claim to fame is bragging about training with the guy who looked like shit during his UFC debut!

lol @ the use of the word Knob!


Brennan wont rip his arm off cause Skelboy wont ever utter a word to his face in a million years

Skelboy how about leaving ur phone number and adress from ur gym then Ill call the operator and see if theres a matching connection .If u wont do this ur full of shiet

no he didnt pay He said Id have tape shortly after Feb 11th Now he says he cant deliver But still wont pay I told him to just forget the bet Like I been saying all along hed never pay

if skelboy will not provide phone number and adress of his gym then he is full of it Its that simple.Im sure Chris' gym is in the phone book and has a phone /Skelboy whats town is ur gym in and phone number?????????Not an excuse the # and adress ??

psst...skelboy...listen, it's brennan. b r e n n a n.
if you keep saying brengan, people will keep thinking you're a dumbass. get it?