Attn Brisbane

My name is Donald and I am an am. fighter from Louisiana, USA and I am coming to Australia for two months this summer and I love training and I was wondering if there were any schools to train at in Brisbane where Ill be at. Post away

Thats Summer for me Winter for all of y'all

You're in luck mate - Brisbane (SE Qld) is easily the centre of Australian MMA, so you're very lucky to not be landing in any of those backwaters like Sydney or Melbourne ;-) Whereabouts in Brisbane will you be?

Yes if you can give us he name of the where you will be staying that would help heaps. narrow it down for ya.

Well to be honest im not too sure right now where exactly Ill be at. Is Brisbane a big city?

It's only around about the million people mark, but it's spread over a fair distance...

real cobras? I hope thats the name of your MMA team

about how many teams are there in Brisbane? and who thinks they have the best one? or who knows who is the best team?

there are pleanty of teams in brizvegas mate, i train at mat coopers school there is BBJ, wrestling, Kickboxing and MMA training. He will tell you all the training times.

nathan star takes the redland NHB class, but he is a great guy but redalns is a fair way out of brizvegas.

ian jacobs has an MMA school with travern and higgins (correct me if im wrong)

so there are pleantly of options if you want BJJ schools as well, machado, de been

good my fingers are sore too much typing

Also we have two regular MMA competitions on the Gold Coast (less than an hour from Brisvegas).

I'll throw my hat in the ring here...

we have a fulltime school open 7 days a week just outside the city centre - bjj, kickboxing, wrestling, mma, etc, etc, you name it we got it!!

...and that includes a full gym and even a capoeira school!

ugly fighters too... *cough* slade *cough*

if you wanna know anything more, you can get me at -

matt cooper

Thanks guys, Now I at least know that Im going to a place where there is plenty of MMA going on. I will probably post again when I find out exactly where Ill be so that I can get some help narrowing it down since I didnt realize Brisbane is such a big place.

Well Dpage if you find yourself in south east brisbane. Nathan Stahr runs a small but very motivated NHB club called redlands NHB.

If yuo do find yourself in the south east briz area send me a mail.

UFC, Rings, WFA, Mars and ADCC veteran Chris Haseman has a school at the Police Academy in Inala. Cadmus, myself and few others here can give you the low down.

Just going for a walk through Inala would be enough training for most people.

AAAAaaaahhh! Todd now I know who you are!

Steve G.


fire me an email mate we have shows all the time perhaps a working holliday might be the call ;)


Hey Guys thanks for posting. Ill keep checking this thing to see if there is anything else I need to know
So if there is anyhting I need to know or anything you want to let me know, hit it up and ill check it out.

Also Ill upsdate when i find out what part of Brisbane I will be in.


PS. I am assuming Brizvegas is Brisbane? (Stupid American for not knowing the lingo)

don't listen to him DPage, brizzy is sweet!

BenBJJ arent you from enough said

***starts playing banjo***