I deleted your posts which removed threads by loading a different URL into their window, and sent you a warning.

Whether you, or 99% of the forum dislike a certain poster or what they post, as long as the operate within the forum guidelines, they are still enjoy the ability to post here, and others to read what they post, for good or ill. (Just as you enjoy the ability to reply to their threads, just not trample them into oblivion).

Next time, please keep all responses, musical or otherwise, on the same page.


We aim to please.

On a side note, that was one of the most innovative and humerous uses of html posting I've seen. Very, very bad, of course. But funny.

Shit I missed it

Accountability rules. This world doesn't have enough of it

As did I...knowing BSF, it must've been good.

Knowing Rene, BSF had to spend time in the corner, but is now free to go.

Way to handle it like adults pun intended...:)

" BSF had to spend time in the corner,"

LMAO !~!