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As the Underground Forum's self proclaimed boxing expert and #1 boxing fanboy, what is your take on Kimbo Slice vs. Ray Mercer.  Do you think the outcome would have been different in a pure boxing match?  Thanks in advance for your insight.

Here is a link, in case anyone missed this fight.

Stop lurking bsrizpac and please respond.

Before I watched that vid I thought mabye Kimbo could possibly take old man Ray with the big gloves. After watching that vid I am damn sure that even at the age of 46, Ray Mercer would school Kimbo in a boxing match.

Props to Kimbo on the win.

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Bsrizpac is an embarrassment even to the retarded boxing monkeys.

RLN seems to have gotten under bsrizpac's skin on that thread.

It appears our boxing expert is purposely avoiding this thread.

Maybe bsrizpac will respond under his havokk_15 screen name.

It is interesting to note that Kimbo chose to take Mercer down rather than stand and trade with him.

Even though Kimbo's name has been built on standing and trading...

Draw your own conclusions.

bsrizpac posted:  "lol@ you posting at 2:03 am Eastern time and expecting me to respond."

I humbly apologize.  I should have realized that you and havokk_15 were all tucked in for the night.


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bsrizpac, why are you always such an angry guy?

Lighten up, take a valium.

I'll answer the question. Who gives a fuck? Why does anyone care what a washed up fighter 10 years past his prime would do against an internet/street fighting tough guy?

Mercer in his prime would have KO'd him in the first round....btw.

lol @ old man Sam Pie throwing my name around in this thread like I stole something from him.

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Yes, my friends, that ridiculous picture actually is bsrizpac.  bsrizpac, aka:  Rizwan Khalil is the fag on the right.  He really looks like a tough guy doesn't he!!  You tell me who the ass clown is.

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Yes it is.

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