I was watching UFC 45 for the first time. I like the comment where you said "you don't make excuses when you lose."

I respect the fact that you don't make excuses.

Who do you think is going to win between Tito/Chuck? Who are you rooting for Tito or Chuck?


He's going for Tito.


hard to choose being good friends with both

It's too bad Mike is not as focused as Cabbage is right now.

I forgot to mention, Good luck in your fight as well.

"hard to choose being good friends with both"

I agree.

I'm going to train with that legendary "haole" soon.



lol thanks

I'm lucky he invited me! I'm going to cali I need a change of scenary. =)

Resident in Hawaii?

Cabbage in the early years.......... :)

aww thats a really cute picture what an angel....what happened? LOL

just playing wesley!