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It makes you feel better because you probably don’t have much to be proud about in your own life. Easy to blame your life’s woes on others.


Finally, an adult has joined the conversation.

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This is where the research is going these days. The search for intelligence no longer lies simply in the psychometric realm, but increasingly in quantitative genetics and the study of pleiotropy.

Multivariate (common pathway) genetic analysis in which each latent variable is indexed by three or four tests and the twin method is used to estimate additive genetic (A), shared (common) environmental (C) and nonshared environmental (E) contributions to the variance and covariance among the latent variables. Squares represent measured traits; circles represent latent factors. The lower tier of arrows represents factor loadings; the second tier represents genetic and environmental path coefficients. The curved arrows at the top represent correlations between genetic and environmental latent factors, although only the genetic correlations are shown here. (From Davis et al. 62).


It’s not a minor difference. It’s a full standard deviation, about 15 points. That’s huge. Note that Dickens and Flynn (2006) claimed it had decreased to 8 points, but 1) that was an outlier, and 2) they excluded tests that didn’t conform with their gap-narrowing claim. Also, the tests the excluded were those typically taken by adults, whose IQs are known to be less malleable. See the criticism from Rushton and Jensen.

I’m not saying the gap is definitely entirely genetic. As you and others point out, Nigerians and some other subgroups perform very well across cognitive measures. I’m largely agnostic to the cause. However, it’s also clear that it’s not something simple like books in the house or after school activities or SAT prep. If it’s environmental, it’s something happening very early on, as the gap appears from the start of formal schooling. I thought the lead hypothesis was a great looking guess. Ultimately, it didn’t pan out, but it looked like a satisfying explanation should.

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And see the Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study conversation, with the usual caveats about sample size, etc, etc.

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Sophisticated statistical techniques are being developed in order to see what genes contribute to general intelligence (g) and its sub factors. It’s been clear for a while now that a substantial portion of the variance of intelligence is contributed by genes, but of course because genes tend to act in concert and are subject to environmental effects, this research is a slow process.

Psychometrics - the measurement of intelligence by various test measures - was the initial spearpoint into the realm of intelligence, but quantitative genetics, molecular genetics, and scanning technology are opening the field wide open. There are seeming biochemical and anatomical differences between more and less intelligent people.

The idea that a person on the street can define intelligence to his liking is as hubristic as me saying that I want to define “adverb” or "boson’. For some reason, everyone thinks they have something to say about intelligence, despite the fact that very few people are conversant in the literature.

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So you know it makes us(whites) feel better because you’re white and it makes you feel better? Seems like the only one who cares about collective IQ is you. You’ve been throwing a tantrum in here since it was mentioned. Instead of being the typical leftists loud mouth, why not just prove them wrong with actual facts instead of crying about it?

Lol, at some triggered lefty using FACTS to prove someone wrong.

Thanks for bringing your input. I will read all in coming days.

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Thanks for adding your links/commentary. Will be reading more about it.

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I give zero shots about your thoughts. You’re a bitter, old piece of shit.

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Hey OP

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