ATTN: Canada's best bjj...

Instead of the forum giving opinions on who they think Canada's "Top" bjj player is, I would like to ask all of those nominated in the "top bjj in canada" thread who their top 4 toughest matches were against.

This is for those that started bjj here in Canada, so if Bocek, Kang, Joslin, Omar, Nancoo, Sandford, Doerkson and everyone else listed or nominated as the top bjj, I would really like to know who your top opponents were/are?

There are many reasons why you have recieved no reponses. Mark has been on this forum but has declined to note his toughest matches. However in Bocek's case, this might not be that informative in terms of drawing comparisons with the others you mentioned. Bocek has competed against: Sean Williams, Danny Ives, Jared Weiner,Antonio Mckee,Celshino?, Omar Zanetti, Cameron Earle, Morango,Cabbage ( UFC Heavyweight ),Javier Vazquez and Joe D'arce, to name a few. He has trained with: Rickson,Rockson, Matt Serra, B.J. Penn, Shaolin, Leo Santos, Wagnney Fabiano, Marc Laimon, Carlos Newton, Joao Roque etc.

Mark's the Man!

Agreed, and congrats on the birth of your child.