ATTN: Carlao (ATT)

Carlos... I can't seem to get on to your ATT website. Can you send me a link or email pictures of your guys to me for our program?



yo eric,

the att site has been down due to some reconstruction.

im not sure when its gonna be back up again.

ill ttt this so carlao can see it.


ironheart- Website is undergoing some changes.

Carlao's email is

American Top Team

Eric I will get those pics for you on Monday.



thanks guys.

Carlos... just a reminder. Need the pics for the program. thanks dude.

pics, carlos, pics! :)



Got it Carlos... thanks!

Carlos, stil need JZ's pic! Thanks.
TTT for me please. thanks guys.


Carlao... waiting for JZ's pic... I need it in the next few days. I have to submit the program for printing very soon.



about two more days carlos... then I have to go to press with the program.

carlos... wasn't able to get a pic of Gesias. I did find one of Thiago on the web, so he will be in the program, along with Andre, since you had sent me his pic.

see you soon.