Attn: Carlao Re: JD Shelley

Sir - this was sent to me from my good friend and mentor JD Shelley via e-mail:

"... Ask Carlao who does he believe to have won the fight between me and Shonie if the rules were no overtime?"


J.D. Shelley

If you do not want to discuss this in open forum, please feel free to e-mail me at Thanks!




If there was no OT. And I was faced with making a choice I would have given the match to JD (Guy with Mowhawk).Here is a small account of why. JD pulled guard, no point to either one. Shonie tried to pass a few times JD tried a few sub set ups and sweeps. No person had a clear advantage until JD set and armbar that forced Shonie to defend, which he did well.Based on that, if I was forced to make a choice I would have given the match to JD. However, during the rules meeting Garth, Relson's rep and head ring official, said that if there is no clear winner OT should take place.Now during the OT. Shonie secured a leg and JD pulled guard, under Relson's rules that is a takedown and makes Shonie the first person to score making him the winner.

Thank you. I understand (and so does JD) that based on the fact that there WAS an overtime, you ruled for Shonie. But if there wasn't supposed to be . . .

I appreciate your honesty and quick response in this matter.



Thanks for the response, Carlao.

No problem.

This was a controversial call in favor of the American! I personally thought that JD's sub attempt warranted the victory.

"This was a controversial call in favor of the American! I personally thought that JD's sub attempt warranted the victory."

JD is American as well, so I don't think that had anything to do with the outcome.

Congrats to JD for competing and apparently doing very well!

I think his Armbar in the first round and sub attempts against Shonie were especially impressive as he didn't train AT ALL for this event.

He simply had some students who wanted to go and decided, "what the hell...I'll jump on in."

It is the first time he has competed in 5 years.

I, and those who saw him roll to a draw vs Leozinho in an in-house match, expect great things from him once he turns his mind to dialing himself in for serious comp.

TTT for JD and NDBJJ

In addition, he is a great friend and a truly honorable man.

This is why I don't like grappling events: one guy pulls guard, attempts an armbar, it's defended and on that criteria you're supposed to determine who's the better grappler? Too much rules-lawyering. No disrespect of course to Shonie or JD (who kinda scares the shit out of me). -NC

the rules meeting I was at (10:30) it was explained that if you
pulled guard without holding the opponent's hand, then you
would be penalized 2 points. I don't think this was ever called in
the whole tournament.

lol at NameCaller - JD is a scary looking MF, but the nicest guy eva! Great friend and mentor. And yes, 100% USMC American, a Gulf War veteran.

He trained about 2 weeks with us in class, only rolling with people ranking as high as purple. Watch out for him in Brazil later this year, he is going to train with Leo & Master team for a month before the Worlds! He will be ready!

Semper Fi!