Attn: Carlao

Hey, I resized your flyer for you...I think it is a little bit easier to read than the other one I saw being posted on here. Is this event going to be live on the internet again? That was great last time, awesome quality.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

very excited to see the return of Mike Brown!

who's the opponent?

Wow, F***ING AWESOME! :)

Quik, you asked me to email you on the other thread but I don't have your email.

You can reach me at

By the way, Quik, Carlao or whoever made that poster, could you please send me the high-res version of that picture??? Shoot it to my email above. I spoke with Keith Mills via email and he agreed to send me the pic but I haven't heard from him in days.

I would prefer the picture that is already cut-out (just like in the poster). I want to use it either for the website or to make a flyer.

Thanks a lot!


Haole...I totally agree! The live stream was maximized on my 19" screen, and looked just like I was watching TV...amazing quality for a stream.

Marcos, I didn't do the poster, just re-sized it cuz I noticed that some of the quality from the original was missing on the smaller version that was being posted here. Marcos, I will drop you an email tomorrow eve, I'm just about to hit the sack!

TTT for the return of the Mighty one, Mr. Mike Brown. I cant wait to see him fight in person.

No prob Quik.

Carlao, I can't get the link to work on for the pictures under "Media"

Hrmmm.... I wonder who created that poster :)

where is Roli? ; )

There needs to be a Shakir / Masvidal rematch.

I wasn't at the fight, but Nuri has always been a stand up guy and he says the unintentional eye poke changed the fight immensely.

Nuri had to back out of his fight this weekend because he just had surgery to repair something in his eye from this fight.

If there's any justice in the world this rematch will happen!

Thanks Quick.

A Magical Midget created that poster!

Yes we will have the webstream again!  Details soon!!!!

webstream is awsome.

webstream is awsome.

Quick email me ASAP!!!!

Some of the videos are still up on from AFC 17.