attn Casca Grossa

Done, Thanks.


shoot me an e-mail: I'll give JJ's new cell.


Call me when you get the chance 614-288-0398

- Dustin

JJ send me free stuff since I am posting in this thread

plus you hugged me at last years Arnolds.

all you got was a hug????  You have no game :-)

Done guys thanks.

LOL..........all we need is camotes.........

JJ always tells me he's going to take me to Mexico and sell me. But, Carol teaches me boss stuff to say in Portugese.
CG = my fave.

P.S. what's up Big D?


A special thank you for the patience displayed giving directions to a lost female trying to get to the fights Friday in Atlanta. You were patient, sincere, sweet,and suave. She later noted had you been Italian you would have likely gotten lucky. I reported although not Italian, you are still the STALLION!
Carol, you are soooooooooooo (i CANT SAY!)
JJ, Seriously thanks,

PS I refused to give her your number!


LOL Kellyn and buy back clauses ...she's to light anyway, I might dos gallinas and un chivo for her so it's not worth the trouble............

Tim my friend anytime, .......tu sabes how we roll, and Carol is :).


Charles how has it been man?You ever find that DVD I told you was out for KOTC before your UFC fight?

JGMMA Maedchen,

Whats up?

Got your message, but I need your number, shoot me an email


Casca Grossa is the best!

ufcbarbarian: yeah man thanks

Thnx Kirik and everyone else...........

no donkey show for me!

big d i will email you...

Man this thread did a 180 in a hurry .........

TTT for Burro shows & Kellyn............

What ever happened to my Banna on BC street?
Everything I hear about you is good bro!
I love you and your wife DAWG!


I heard that you kinda feel sorry for the donkey.

LOL we have some sick perritos here...........