The Don has made the order. And like everything else in this order, it was changed at the last minute.

What you will get for your 30.00:

3 Padron 5000's

3 Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte

6-V Centennial Wheels Torpedo 6.5 x 52 (Nicar)

This time, it is def. quality over quantity. But you are getting Padrones!!!!!!!! The Don will gauge the mafia acceptance and judge accordingly for future orders. The Don paid extra for 2nd day air. They should arrive Thurs. and will ship Friday.

CHEMICAL SAGE: IT is not too late for this order if you would like to get in.

Il Don

naturals or maduro on the Padrons, sir? Either way, that box of naturals you sold me was delicious.

the sancho panza was what I wanted most from the 1st selection, combined with the padrones, this looks to be really good.

Maduros, of course. The Don is pleased that the mafia is content with the selections


The Don is wise, as always.

I'm in, how do I pay you guys? I have credit cards or I can use your pay pal if that's what you're using.

If you guys need to e-mail me.

I'll be checking this thread tomorrow.

Sage, are you in?