Attn: Chemical Sage

You asked me before about pre/post workout meals. I took a look in the ol' ES&C and it made a blanket recommendation of eating P&C meals pre/post workout without a lot of extra explanation (so typical of that manual).

It seems as though human GH responds to any rise in acid. I wonder exactly what carbs they had the test subjects eating, as i think grains cause a bit of an acid spike.... interesting. Of course, to ease your mind, GH stumulates fat metabolism!

So... you can actually elevate serum levels by just holding your breath (generating extra acid in the blood) but the best surefire way seems to be to eat some carbs and lift with a routine that yields "the burn" and/or "the pump" (surprise surprise, a bodybuilding diet yields the most GH!).

Similarly, testosterone is elevated via the workout (seems to be less of a link to diet...) but it gets a good boost from heavier work, so a mix is good for boosting size (and of course this substantiates everything that we all know works).

Basically, my post meal is a feasting orgy. Sadly i have no solid answer for you as i rarely count carb grams, but the meals are still protein based, but often incorporate a carb component, unless its pizza or something i'm splurging on.

Think, Chili, or i often make a super thick ground meat sauce (ground turkey seems the cheapest) lately (my actual recipe is onion, some spices and the ground meat, but tomato sauce would be a good addition) without actually putting it on any pasta. So chili, and beanless chili are pretty much what you're in for with your P/C meal. I also drink milk like it's going out of style (skim in this case)