ATTN: Chris Brennan

Regarding Tito...

"Please for the love of all things Octagon shaped return to your old self."

-Cannot happen, this is 2011, he is in his 30's and the game has changed to a whole better skill level.

"No one gives a shit that you learned how to box. No one cares if you have a chin or not."

Uh...all he can do now IS box, he shot for a takedown against Lil Nog and got stuffed with ease and had to resort back to slugging it out. Tito has been in far too many fights and his surgeries have taken away his explosive takedowns.

"All we (I) want to see is the guy that was one of the best MMA wrestlers in the game. The guy with the best underhooks in MMA. I want to see Evan Tanner (RIP) type slams, Outwrestling guys like Vlad (who are technically better wrestlers) elbows dropping on heads. Use what got you here. Stop trying to prove something to make the fans happy."

-This is again the year 2011 and he is not fighting guys of the limited skill set like Tanner (RIP), Vlad where he can just blow through them on power alone. He is not trying to prove anything to the fans about his standup, he is using the ONLY thing he has left today.

You are a veteran of the sport Chris, I am just surprised you cannot see what is really going on before your eyes, Tito will always be a Hall of Famer but the game has changed man and the old guard quite frankly is finished.

Time marches on and Tito is very limited and knows it, let's just hope somehow he pulls off another miracle win like Bader for his retirement fight.

I don't give a shit about anything you just said. All I can day is....

Vladdy Matyushenko is 5 and 1 in his last 6, with the loss coming to current lhw champion Jon Jones.

His last two fights are first round stoppages.



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