ATTN: Chris Brennan

I think it’s high time you started a MF’n Liar 2 thread! The last one was highly enjoyable, but i’m betting you have more stories.

btw, congrats to both your sons on their success!


Brengan hasn`t posted since 2018.


on that thread he said he doesnt streetfight anymore
and its been many years since he posted that
so probably not too many stories anymore


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Brennan was just on the other day in the thread about his kids (so you are wrong again fuckface)

If he posts the most horrific shit (less than murder or attempted) he has the statute of limitations which I believe is 7 yrs on assaults/fighting. I just figured he is one of the last generation that lived the mma lifestyle but also knew he would have to use it for street encounters- and DID. No current guys have stories like that, too many cameras everywhere. PLUS, Mr. Brennan is a great story teller.

I wanna see proof of this because I looked at his profile and it says 2018 fuckface.


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I think the confusion is that he posted in the thread OP is talking about but it was back in 2016. That thread just happened to be bumped recently.

I posted in his kids thread and Brengan didnt post in it lately.I think that you are right about the MFn thread.

Here is Brengan`s kids post that he posted in 2018,2018,2018,2018.

Here is the MF`n Liar thread where Brengan last posted in 2018.

Simmerdown, brother Crowbar.

(nice toughguy name lolz) anyway, wouldn’t YOU guys like another Brennan thread?


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