Attn: Chris Brennan

Hey Chris Hows it going? I am wondering if you can
answer a few questions:
First do you still lift? Or do you do just what's on
your site?
Two do you do anything else you do for conditioning
other then whats on your site.
And lastly what is your off season weight and how hard
is it to maintan it?
Thanks alot Chris.

I really don't lift and if I do it is like a chick. I get really big really fast because of the bodybuilding days.

I do pretty much the stuff that is on my site. I will be updating the site in the next few weeks with pics in the conditioning section for playos and stuff so people understand what I am talking about.

I walk at like 185-190 but I am not a big 185 190. i am small for that weight.

you look fat at any weight

Who gave you a red name foo?

Thanks Chris!

damn...jimmy...i would like to see you say that to chris's face....haha....he'd kutfo...

Tell ya what.

You, this Brennan dude, and I can all meet up somewhere, and you can see me say it to this fat guys face.

Fat, fatty, fat, fat, fat.

:) heeheehee


How do I go about getting a green name???

you dont get one. You have to earn over a certain amount of purse money fighting first then you have to petition the MMA board of trustees. At your current purse rate I'd say your due for a Green name somewhere between July and August of 2015 :)