attn: Chris Onzuka

I read you coverage on the Rumble. Great job! But you seemed to forget to mention that very good looking, high energy, booty shakin, crowd pleasin RUDEBOY!!!! U BETTAH RECOGNIZE!! Aloha!

LOL Troy!!!
that was some great shaking I don't know who was better you or the ring girls

Larry Landless should've jumped in LOL

Me of course!wasrongwitchu!!!

ok ok fine it was YOU!

Troy is the man best ref eva!

no I didn't I think I was sitting next to a better singer then forte I don't think chris comes on here but i know Mike checks it out.

I didn't think he did either unless hes lurking in the shadows

does anyone have pic of Jhun fight



RUDEBOY808 does a hell of a job in the ring. I know he did my fight. Much PROPS!! mahalo!

aloha to the boards toy89mr

what the hell was forte doing there yet alone at ringside?


thet were stalking me i told them I was married! LOL

LOL is that right?

Troy (AKA Rump Shaker), I just talked to Mike and he doesn't usually check out this forum either. I'll shoot them an email to check it out.

Rump Shaker good one rude boys new nickname!!!!

heres a ? why do they call troy rude boy?

hes nice to me!