Attn: Chris Palmquist

Hey Chris,

Were you the mod/admin that warned me for my reposting of Kurt's post challenging Danny? Are you also the mod that is making all the threads regarding this issue disappear?

If so, I'd like to know the forum rule that these actions are based on, because I am unaware of any rule that prevents members from either (a) posting a legitimate challenge; or (b) re-posting or discussing another member's challenge.

Basically, you've already admitted that you've sided with Danny in his dispute w/ Kurt, b/c your his training buddy, so I think that your original deletion of Kurt's post is completely biased.

The whole pretext that Danny and/or MFS has some policy that prevents Danny from responding to Kurt's challenge on this forum is pathetically transparent.
It looks to me like Danny has recruited you to (unwittingly or not) do his dirty work b/c he's either too afraid to accept Kurt's challenge (b/c, as we all know, he'd get his ass kicked) and too arrogant to apologize.

Finally, to all those out there that ask, what business is it of yours, Famine, I'll just say that: (a) Kurt made it our business when he called Danny out publically on this forum; and (b) Chris (or any mod/admin, for that matter) shouldn't be allowed to delete posts b/c their training buddy is too afraid to back up his smack-talk, or hand out warnings to members who don't complain about it.

Chris is not Danny's training partner.

If you have nothing to do with either party, dont involve yourself. You just want to gossip and listen in on the argument.

Hey Famine,

I have no idea who you are, but knock it off please. I am still trying to reach all parties to see what is going on. Until then, drop the subject please.

Chris, please do not respond.





Why does it have to be dropped?  All of the sudden this cant be discussed?  Its pretty clear whats going on.

Shaq Daddy

obey the man


I just wanted to let you I got the check for our wager. Thanks for being a stand up guy.

On a side note,my cousin Chris D'Olimpia graduated from East Bridgewater H.S. and then taught music either there or W. Bridgewater H.S. His parents, Betty and Paul still live on Belmont St. right next to Beaver Brook. They have a little farm with a bunch of horses, goats, ducks, etc... I used to spend a lot of time there as I was born in Brockton and went up there for all the holidays for many years. Small world we have here. Hope all is well, and thanks again.


p.s. I hate you too :)

Mike, Im from East Bridgewater too. We actually have a lot of members from East Bridgewater, which is funny considerring how small the town is.


Consider it dropped.


You are entirely missing my point, which I won't go into any more out of respect for Kirik. I will say, as far as my motivations go, that I don't really care all that much about the particulars of this dispute; what I do care about is the principle of the thing.