attn: Cleveland Browns fans

I would have passed on Brady Quinn, and I think that the Browns gave up too much to get him. 2nd round last year, ok fine but 1st round next year? PLEASE!! Browns are still going to suck next year, I would have used next years top 5 pick on a better QB or another top O-lineman. Last years draft picks that went to Jerry Jones could have been used to beef up a struggling O-Line or on a run stopping D-Line because the Ted Washington and Willie Mcginnest experament didnt work well. Charlie Frye is capable of being a good quarterack in this league. Jerry Jones is now going to have 2 top 15 picks in next years draft and is laughing all the way to the bank.

Romeo Crennel is a good coach who is capable of great things with the Browns and he will probably lose his job next year, really through no fault of his own. Braylon Edwards, Joe Jurevicius, and Kellen Winslow
are one hell of a recieving corp. Jamal Lewis is a good short term pickup but your O-Line is terrible. A fire hydrant could get 1000+ yards behind a good O-Line (see Willie Parker in Pittsburgh).

I would keep Romeo Crennel as coach, (which we all know isnt going to happen) develop an identity for this football team and hire new scouts and GM if need be. Use the draft to draft O-linemen and Defense. Any good journeyman QB can have success behind a good O-Line (see Jake Delhomme, Brad Johnson and Rich Gannon) Charlie Frye/Derek Andersen needs to be given an opportunity to sit in the pocket and make decisions instead of running for his life on every down.

Your window of opportunity to become competitive isnt going to last much longer because we all know that both Winslow and Braylon Edwards are both going to be on the first flight out of Cleveland when their contracts are up. Concentrate on run stopping and O-Line!! WTF is the matter with you people!

a concerned Steeler fan. bwahahahahaha!

It's not Cleveland's fault that LaCharles Bentley hurt his knee. Additionally, the Browns selected the highest rated OT this draft.

oh the Steelers are A-ok. Not worried about them at all. Steelers have excellent scouting and talent development and coaching. Alan Faneca wants more money, fine he can get it elsewhere. The Rooney family made him the highest paid G in the NFL five years ago and now the greedy bastard wants more. He has made 40 million dollars off of the Rooneys during his NFL career. Any one of the Steelers backups are capable of stepping in and starting. Steelers are a perrennial AFC powerhouse.

I could really see the AFC North becoming one of the more competetive divisions in the NFL now that Marvin Lewis has the Bengals going in he right direction in the win loss column and Baltimore being competetive again. Just need the Browns to get their shit together, but we all know that wont happen.

There are CLEVELAND BROWNs fans??????????????????????

Stains finishing kinda high at 6 and 10??? Can we aim for 4 and 12?

Ravens 12-4. Steelers 11-5. Bengals 9-7. Browns 5-11

Ravens' defense will most likely carry them to another division title. First round Bye.
Bengals' cant win all the shootouts they will find themselves in, their defense is too pourus.
Browns wont get a win in the division. All 5 wins come from teams in the NFC.
Steelers will split the division games with both the Ravens and Bengals. Other losses against AFC teams. Undefeated against NFC, earn Wildcard. Loss to Baltimore in AFC Divisional Playoff.

I actually think that Romeo is building a very good team. Kameron Wimbley was a good pickup, QUinn, Staley, Lewis, Edwards, Lewis, Winslow. They are quietly building a very solid team.


I too think that Quinn is not as good as advertised, but I think he is an upgrade over Frye. If he can avoid mistakes, and get the ball to Edwards, Winslow, Lews, Joe Jvicious, etc the Browns will be better than horrible. They need another good defensive draft like they had two years ago, and another good offensive draft like they had this year before they will contend for the division.


The Browns just need their guys to stay healthy.

Kick the Brownies while they're down, why don'tcha?