Attn club owners

Hey guys it's Eric from Bushido Martial arts. Wanted to let all club owners know that we have a great deal on 1" PUZZLE MATS. It's a great time now to replace or add on to to your flooring needs before the back to school rush. We have a good size of blue and red on hand with other colours such as green,black and yellow. These are great mats for stand up use and ground work.

If you are interested in pricing please email me at or call us @ 1-888-775-7766 once stock runs out on mats on hand it takes about 1-1 1/2 months for restock to arrive

We also have retail pricing for any interested in using mats for home training as well.

Thank you very much and have a great one.


OOPS....went over the thread again and i forgot to mention that 1" mats are the same price as the 3/4 " was prior. It's a pretty big pricebreak per mat so once again if club owners are in need we can help out.

performed a quick stock check and have roughly 80 red/blue 2" judo mats on hand. These are USED mats and have only been used once for the Submission series tourney held a few months back. Also these come with no edges as well. Great for any grappling style with a huge pricebreak for owners.


am i the only one that has had problems with Bushido?

yes,yes you are.


I'm sorry if you have had problems in the past with Bushido, but if you want to email myself and explain what the trouble was i could try to ammend any issue you might have. As far as Bushido goes I will be handling most of the MMA department that way customers and wholesale accounts can deal with me directly. I also do all the purchasing for Bushido so if any questions about stock and product can also be directed to me. Once again sorry for any problems, but like I said I took over the MMA aspect of Bushido and would more than be happy to answer your questions Pablos. Once again I can be reached at or by phone @ 1-604-513-0317 ext 104

Eric DiPaola

a little update:

yellow 1" mats are sold out, about 120 blue are left and 200+ red are still left as well.

I have been dealing with Bushido since I opened my club 3.5 years ago and they have been great to deal with...

I find their service and prices are very competitive, and when I ordered mats for my tournament last spring they made sure they got out here in time for it, no headaches

Mike Yackulic

Thanks Mike and you have been great to deal with as well and same goes for all Arashi-do clubs

Hey Eric,
Gary From Arashi-Do Red Deer here,

I love the FCF stuff you guys have, any chance of you guys getting some hoodies for winter.
It gets very cold here on the prairies you know.

Seriously tho, Bushido are an awesome company to deal with.


Loving the Clinch shorts too, I'm going to be making another big ass order soon for my pro-shop.

Hey Gary

Will have a few styles of fcf hoddies again this fall as well as Tapout also. Our stock of Clinch has expanded to include the t's as well check out our website to check them out as well.