Attn: Club owners.

Hey guys,

I know that not everyone who runs a club has insurance, but for those who do, I have a question.

Where do you get your insurance from? Only one company will insure my club and I feel I'm paying too much and I want to get some quotes from some other places.

Maybe I can get a cheaper rate from a company based in Alberta?

Any thoughts?


What kind of insurance do you have? How much?

ttt for later.

Phil999 is correct. If own a club in Ontario, waivers are not legaly binding. Therefore It would be safe to get some liability insurance

David, I have Liability in my policy and that's the expensive part.

Email me and I can tell you how much they are charging me.

"forget insurance.. just get members to sign a waiver and ur all set"

-No way, not for me, Phil and yushindo are correct.

I have both insurance and a leagal waiver form (cost me $500 for the waiver).
Unless I show up to class drunk there is probably no way that someone would get through my waiver for, but because I run a home based business I don't want to chance it and I need the insurance just in case (too much to lose).

I just need to find a cheaper company that will insure me.