Attn: Colorado ug'ers, free ticket to fights!

Hey fuckers!

The dudes from Sparta combat league were cool enough to do some contests giving away tickets to their show tomorrow afternoon, and I won a set!

But with short notice it seems my friends are all busy, so I thought since they were free to me I'd offer the other one to whoever wants it.

I'm driving down from ft Collins area, so I can even DD if you live up north.

The fights are pretty early so we might miss the first one... But its free so who cares! Phone Post

Awesome gesture will VTFU! Phone Post 3.0

vtfu. bump for colorado ugers

I'll bump these again throughout tomorrow... Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

You're the man, alkysmurf. I am out I town or it would join you.

TTT Phone Post

TTT for my fellow Colorado Ug members Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

Up Simba,up big cat.

Ttt Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

VTFU, u claim to be a DD........ yet SN alkysmurf..........Hmmmmmmmmm?

Very cool!
I am in Fort Collins and would love to go...
But I am booked.

Have a great time and Vtfu! Phone Post 3.0

Last chance.... Phone Post

Lol, 2 dui's and alcohol isn't as much fun as it used to be. Phone Post

Id suggest onTHEwagonSmurf for your SN then :)