Attn Comeuppance

Hey Matt,

It was a pleasure to have one of your students up here in Townsville wth us for the last 4 weeks.

He didn't miss a session the whole time he was here.(Mind you...There is nowhere else to train BJJ in Townsville).We sent him back uninjured,exept for a minor arm straightening issue and hopefully we havn't taught him too many bad habits :P

If all of your guys are like him then they are more than welcome to train with us anytime they are in N.Q


Craig, your such a sweetie :)

thanks for your hospitality craig, I knew he'd be in safe hands up there.

... though I hope to the bitter end he didnt divulge more than his BRACCA name, rank, and serial number. :p

I did quiz him about all this bracca stuff and all I got was a blank look and was told he didnt know.

You must have trained him well because I was convinced.

Hope you dont send them out with cyanide pills.

Oh.. and Frank,

We'll see how sweet I can be when we glove up for a spar next week,you cheeky Scottish young fella.