ATTN: Connecticut MMA or BJJ Guys

Any of you guys heard of a David Govoni? Someone was telling me that he has a MMA gym in Stafford Springs, CT. Many "claims" were made to me about how good he is, and some names that I know personally were dropped in the sense that they were no match for him. Legit or bullshit? Thanks.


I haven’t heard that name in forever.

I’m next door in Mass, been involved in the sport since the beginning, and know a ton of coaches there, but the name is not familiar to me.

I know who he is. He has basic skill level but has more fraudelent claims than anyone you will ever meet. His students buy into his delusion. Last I heard he is teaching in Palmer at some gym called Gill’s Gym or something like that.

He claims to have BJJ black belt and I asked him who his teacher was and he said he trained in Florida under a guy they called “Hell Raiser”. I said “what’s his real name” and his response was “nobody knows his real name…just Hell Raiser!!!”

I wish I was making this up.

  • On a SideNote: Oh and you guessed it right if you figured out the guy was called “Hell Raiser” BECAUSE (wait for it…) HE RAISED HELL ON THE matts.

True story.

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Go to 10:30 of this interview and here how a student talks about him.

Palmer, Mass? That’s near me.

Yep right near Amherst. Do you remember Gonzaga’s gym in Palmer inside of Gil’s gym? That’s where I heard he last taught.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Ohh man, local to me. Im in. We gotta get Mike Palladino to dojo storm like he did the last guy

I trained at Fighting Arts Academy in Springfield MA which is right next door for many many years. Gil’s has had a bunch of different guys in there as coaches some more legit than others… Govoni taught there for a bit. I mean is he really good? no… can he teach people who know nothing? I mean I would pick someone else but its fine.

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Hey BTK, where do you train. I’m local too.

WHo is Mike Palladino?

Edit: NVM: I just looked him up. hhahahah

I have a lot of respect for Jeremy L. at FAA.

You summed up Govoni best. Good assessment.