Attn: Cousin Eddie

Where you been, man?

Big 2 game set starting tonight! I'm thankful we beat the Cards 2 out of 3 & still have Z & Maddux to go against the 'Stros.

BTW - the Cubs are perfect for Minute Maid Park.

My computer shit the bed a couple weeks back, I've been posting on the computer in the office at work about an hour a week, lol.

The only thing that made me nervous about this series was Zambrano. He was 3-0 with a 0.85 ERA at MMP last season. I still think he'll get his head straight and become the best pitcher on that staff. He struggled a LOT with location the whole game last night, and still hung in well until two outs in the 5th.

You're right Deeder, I may end up eating those words. Atlanta may lose two more starters to injury and allow the Mets to take 3rd in that division.

Oswalt's control was ON last night. Z wasn't on at all, he has trouble in big, anticipated games. He thinks too much and gets frustrated. First game all year that I actually had butterflies before watching it. I'm praying Wood, Sosa, & Prior come back strong & the Cubs stay close until then so we have a nail biting, scoreboard watching summer.

Yeah, that's the best I've seen Roy pitch since he two-hit the Brewers about 5 weeks ago. He had good command, he was humping the fastball in at 94-97, good location on the slider, and the most disgusting curve I've seen this year. Two of the three Cubs hits were semi-cheap infield singles.

Even though the guys the Cubbies have out are big names, the replacement aren't doing poorly in their place. So the Cubs should be able to hang in there until the "big 3" get back. And I still think they're better off with Walker in the lineup over Grudz anyways.

I agree with Walker over Grudz, although Walker is slumping a little lately & Grudz hit over .300 last year.

Wow, lots of gas being thrown last night at the end.

Bottom of the 7th: Hawkins

Top of the 8th: Lidge

Bottom of the 8th: Farnsworth

Top of the 9th: Dotel.

Farnsworth hit 100 eight times, 101 once, and his first 12 pitches were 98+. This was directly after Lidge struck out the side with a steady diet of 97 mph high heat

Attn: Cubs

Enjoy your day off today - It ain't gonna get any easier.

signed, NL Central