ATTN: Crazy Foo!!

I've been playing WCW/NWO Revenge for the last two evenings, pick your corpse, I mean, wrestler. hahahha, I'm kicking too much ass!!!! This was the last of the great wrestling games that had a "normal" hard mode imho. (not that the "normal" hard mode made it better)

Shit, I just won a stacked Royal Rumble with Ming Chee. lmao!!!!!! Too easy

What's up foo?? Who's your favorite character in that game?? I'd have to say that mine is AKI man but he's off limits when I'm playing with other folks. That mofo is the total package. KO strikes, KO grapples, flying moves and speed galore. Oh, and that badass fullmount beatdown for the tapout. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO doggy!! I'm gonna go on another wrasslin game spree this evening. Might even have to bust out World Tour and use Regal. hah, FUCK THE NEW WRESTLING GAMES!!!!!!!!

Man,I don't have one favorite on that game,I have a shitload of favorites.

How can you have a favorite person on this game!?

lol, good point.

dangerboy, I disagree. I'll play again later tonight to provide reasons why for Meng Chi. But Frankenstein is a knockout machine. Great clothesline and aside from that he's one of only several characters in the game who while standing on the outside ring apron can perform a strong grapple to bring his opponent out onto the apron and powerbomb him to the floor. It's fuckin beautiful. :)