Attn: Crazyfoo

lets rise above the petty Horde vs. Alliance War and meet as OG'ers.....Horde and Alliance shaking hands....putting the War aside for a few seconds to glorify the OG....what say u?

this conference can take place in a public place if you prefer.....Booty Bay, Gadget, Ratchet.....whatevs.....

the wave and the salute and perhaps a quick dance will mean more than any words

Sup Jockey! your name any of the following?



Thank you for your time :)

lol,you caught me.

I'm Deathlock ok?

you won't do much though,i know a whole bunch of rl people that play.

I mean ALOT.

no probs was just a guess....last night outside Gadget i killed a 40 or so undead warlock named Deathlock.....i totally had no idea it was u....i posted it here as a joke not thinking it was actually for the blatent gank man, just too tempting as warlocks are the bain of my PvP existance.....

do all your RL friends play on Chromaggus too? am I a marked gnome now?

If you both reroll horde on frostwolf you can talk to each other anytime you want.

lol,thanks for sharing your story on how you ganked a lv.40 undead.....That actually was NOT me.
I will give you a hint though,I don't ever go to Gadget,because that place is gay.Unless I am getting my Noggenfogger drink on.

On a side note,you will NEVER get me.


To prove that I did not get ganked,my undead warlock's name is *****gos.


i know it was not u that I big deal....i only was trying to get your name cause I thought some OG PvP would be fun....your not down with it so that's cool....

I don't know what you are talking about Gord.

I'm all for it,I'm just saying that you won't find me.

lets just let this die....thread closed