Attn. crunion

I was wondering if in the course of your work, if you have access to charts for the monthly number of participants and sites for online gaming? I'd like to get figures back to 1998, when the first online poker room opened.

Also, headcheese linked to an article in Card Player that discusses some of the legal issues in the U.S. You can link to it on the "party poker is rigged" thread. Thought it might be helpful for the article you are writing.

Unfortunately those figures are like the holy grail. And last people they would give such data too is us. In fact on the news last night an industry member accused us (along with Gamcare and GordonHouse) of scaremongering the british public. Most of the industry think we are anti gambling rather than pro responsible gambling. The industry (well from what I have experienced recently) are becoming very sensitive and defensive, probably because they are getting bad publicity from the deregulation at the minute.

The figures we have at the minute are coming from the Global Betting and Gaming Consultant's report published two weeks ago. It is a fairly basic analysis of market shifts over the last 1-2 years. I am sure you've seen it.

The article is frustrating me at the moment. I wrote it in February and it is only published this month. It was only an opinion piece written for a law journal (it is only analysis of secondary sources, I am no corporate lawyer!) and I sure by now it is probably outdated significantly and I am going to look like an asswipe.