Attn: cyborg or camp or contact

I am in need of a contact for Cyborg. I borrowed a pair of his gloves on Saturday and wasn't able to find him later in order to return them and would like to do so in fear that he may beat the shit out of me the next time I see him. If anyone knows an adress I could send his Strikeforce gloves I would greatly appreciate it so I can sleep at night without one eye open. Again, thank you Mister Cyborg for allowing me to use them. It was a truly generous act and I would really like to return them to you. Abel Pulver
P.S. WAR BJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

probably kings mma isnt that where female cyborg trains? id imagine he trains at the same place

TTT for someone who knows. Please, I can't have the image of Mr. and Mrs. Cyborg beating my ass like a red headed step child playing in my mind all day.

 Contact Cleber BJJ or Chute Boxe Long beach. I'll ask my coach when I stop by tonight.

She's on Facebook,you could prob contact her there.