ATTN: Dan Swift

Dan I will be makeing the drive down to Ky for the KY FC this May 8th. I spoke with Tim about you and I fighting on this card. Chris was part of my team before I moved to Iowa and thought they could use this to hype up this fight between you and I.(You beat my team-mate and now I'm out for revenge)

Tim tells me you have a fight already. Now I know if you want the fight with me, he has enough time to replace you. Let me know what you think.

Could you guys help me keep this at the top.

Thanks Joe Jordan





Sounds good Joe. Have Tim Email me so we can go over and come to an agreement on the details.

Take care,

I wish I could be at this show!!!

Jordan vs. Swift would be a fun fight to watch!

Good luck to both!


Why won't you be at this show Dustin?

I was hoping you would be reffing again. You did an awesome job with Chris and I.

Sounds good to me. I will call Tim tonight and see if he will go for this....Joe Jordan


Bad Breed is doing a Grappling event that day in Ohio!

Sorry, but hopefully Tim will have me back for future shows!

Good luck to both you & Joe!


wtf? Joe we need to talk. Call me..

Dustin.. your always welcome in Lexington

awesome, good luck guys, Joe I think I'll be fighting one of your teammates in an upcoming show as well.

If this show doesn't work out for you guys, i will have you on my show in June, "Courage Fighting Championships" I'm having very nice Belts made for each weight class eventually. For starters i'm putting up a Heavyweight Title Belt, and a Welterweight Title Belt. My email is sfcchamp135@aol, and my gym number is 217-429-2269. Jason Reinhardt

bogart6868 I've been out and just now saw your post. I will try to give you a call soon.

As for the (wtf?) I'm trying to bring this fight together. Dan and I was going to fight in Ohio some time ago and the fight was called off.

If for some reason you can't make it happen,(I'm ready and so is Dan) then it looks like Jason Reinhardt can.

I belive this could be a great fight. This fight could only help the show.

Joe Jordan

Joe.. the WTF is simple.. as I told you on the phone a few weeks ago, Dan Swift and Casey Oxendine are fighting on the May8th card, both fighters have accepted the fight and it has been set since Feb. As I told you when you called, I am not breaking a fight to put you on the card. I will, and have been trying to find you a suitable opponent to fight in this show.
If you and Swift want to hook up, I can put it on a show in the summer.. or maybe Jason can hook it up before.

Now.. that being said, I would love to have you at the show and on the card. If I can find a suitable match, we will make it happen..


I understand about the fight. I was just hopeing it could work out. We could always do a .......

Just for fun lets do a old school match like the old UFC days. I will come in at 160lbs. and fight Tim Osbourne 250+. Tim and I would be fun to watch. Tim has been training for many years now in BJJ and training with a 2 time world boxing champ. for the last years or 2. I've always wanted to do this kind of match. I don't think Tim would hurt me to bad. We have known each other for same time now.

Help keep this at the top for me. This will be fun to see........Joe Jordan


TTT for Tim and I......Joe Jordan