ATTN: DANA.... Give Torres a second chance...

Dont end a mans career over a stupid comment...

yeah, it's not like he made a joke about child rape or something

Yes sometimes people should know better, but a rape joke is not the end of the world....

Dont make it the end of someones career...

Wonder if Strikeforce is still an option? Could be the making of a conspiracy, hehe Phone Post

pidgey - -get caught roiding = 1 year suspension in the worst case
-dumb twitter joke = career crushed


Chael got caught cheating, is a convicted money launder and everyone wants to give him a title shot.

Miguel makes a joke in poor taste and he is out of the UFC for good?

 This is some straight-up bullshit, Dana! Please don't be a hypocrite, give Torres a fine or suspension, but he doesn't deserve to lose his job when others have committed far worse crimes and have been allowed to stay.

twitter is so fucking stupid. the problem is DFW pushes these knuckleheads to go on twitter, then they do and type stupid shit, then he fires them. fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck!

 Signed, -this sucks...I'm a big Torres fan

 So, the white guys and the black guys are allowed to make insensitive jokes but the hispanic guy makes one and gets cut. 


Rashad can make a joke about little kids getting fucked? Phone Post

dana is the most emotional woman i've ever seen.. he's on his rag 24/7 apparently

dana is the don king of mma.

 This is BS. Miguel was quoting a comedy TV show Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If Dana has a problem with it, fine, discipline him but firing him from his job is way too extreme. Fine him 5,000 dollars and move on.

Why has no one posted what the tweet said? This is pissing me off Phone Post

Charlie's_Tiger_Blood - Why has no one posted what the tweet said? This is pissing me off Phone Post

Something about a rape van...

For a quote? Come on, man.

Bullshit overreaction on Dana's part.

I hate it for Miguel, but fuck it, let dumb roster cuts like this happen. It's good for Bellator.