Attn Dana...McCall

Should fight Mighty Mouse at 177. Nobody is interested in watching Carisano get dominated. How does a guy barely in the top 10 get this chance? We all know Creepy beat MM the first time. UG lets try to make this happen. I know nobody wants to see the fight that is currently scheduled. TTT for Creepy vs MM.

All you McCall fans and nobody wants to support this thread? Maybe others have said it but I think we need an official thread to make the fans voice heard

He Hurt his hand again Phone Post 3.0

Oh really?

Guess I missed it

Only donson can beat dj .....u mcall fans and your Pipe dreams

Yeah, do you really thinks he deserves it?

I'm not glued to this site 24/7, my bad. Cancel the fight and make it a Fox headliner.

oh and go fuck yourself