ATTN: Dana White - RE: Fighters

Greetings Mr. White,

I would like to know the status, and how active the UFC is pursuing acquiring the talents of the following fighters:

  1. Emelianenko Fedor

  2. Hayato Sakurai

  3. Takanori Gomi

  4. Gilbert Melendez

  5. Tatsuya Kawajiri

  6. Shinya Aoki

  7. Joachim Hansen

  8. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

  9. Josh Barnett

All of the aformentioned fighters are extremely talented and extremely exciting to watch. They would be a good addition to the UFC roster and would really help to showcase the kinds of athletes the UFC has.

And for the record, I speak for myself and the entire MMA community when I say I would rather watch any of these fighters in the UFC instead of the likes of Chris Leben or Patrick Cote, fighters who resemble bar room brawlers more than professional athletes.

Thank you for your time.


"And for the record, I speak for myself and the entire MMA community"

No, you do not.

Leben would destroy any of the above.

Cote last fight was very technical. He picked his spots quite well against Smith and did not fight like a bar room brawler in the slightest. He did a great job with the leg kicks. Watching that fight without listening to jackoff Rogan makes an incredible difference. People came down way too hard on Cote for that fight, meanwhile Smith the guy he beat has a fight coming up in the UFC. Thats a fuckin joke. Congrats to Pat on his big TKO win over the weekend.

See the opening post was solid, makes great points, respectful mannger, etc.

Where you fucked up is by naming actual fighters you'd rather not see (Leben and Cote). While I don't necessarily disagree, you had to know that those two fighters friends, training partners and, um, fans would get sand in their panties...

But I second that I would rather see the fighters on that list (and Kharitonov, Hunt, Kang, Vovchanchyn) in the place of underskilled fighters who just happened to get selected for a reality show by TV producers.

The reason I mentioned those particular fighters by name (Leben and Cote), is that with the purchase of Pride, the UFC has more than enough talent on their roster where we should not have to see those kinds of B-level fighters on any main UFC card. That's what the WEC is for.

Those fighters are the reason boxers and some sports analyst refer to UFC fighters as no-talent ballroom brawlers. Cote and especially Leben are MMA fighters that forget that they are MMA fighters and believe they are superb stand-up fighters, when in reality, their stand-up is an embarassment for the sport. I don't want to see them anymore on a main card, and there is no reason they should be.

And by the way, if you're a fight fan and not some drunken slob at a bar, there is no way in hell you would want to see Chris Leben fight again. No way. He's absolutely horrible!

good picks grandpa , I hope they bring in all those fighters.

Cote will only get better and more technical training with Dellagrotte

I agree with Granpa!!

I know what Dana said, but I just want some confirmation that the UFC is really going after these guys.

I think the following matchups all have fight of the year written all over them:

Sakurai vs GSP

Gilbert Melendez vs Roger Huerta

Dennis Kang vs Mike Swick

Gomi vs Penn 2

Fedor vs Couture

Aoki vs Florian

Hansen vs Penn

... Dana has to recognize the potential of these matchups and should be doing everything possible to sign these guys specifically. You want to show that MMA is a sport full of world-class athletes, well, there you go.



ttt 4 Dana