Attn: Dana White

I’m sorry to hear both your parents recently died, and you didn’t really have any emotion towards it. That’s sad.

As many physical riches you do have, I hope you got closure with your mom after the book.

OP: Dana I’m sorry to hear about your parents



atleast he loves fighters and ufc fans, what a great man

He’s soulless


Imagine a mother writing a tell-all book that reveals personal information about you in a negative light. Not a good look for a mom.




That’s unfortunate he didn’t get to enjoy a good relationship to his parents.


His father was an abusive alcoholic and his mother always talked shit about him for some reason once he was rich and famous


Dana is cold blooded but that’s part of why he’s been such a successful guy.

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Interesting to me was how young the parents were when they had him. Said the mother was 19 and I think the father 21.

Thanks for adding.

Still a shitty situation for all, including the grandkids, that no one got closure at the end of the parents lives.

I kinda get it. I wont lose any sleep when my dad dies. Mom will be a tough day though.

I kinda get it too. Becaue when my old man died and I reflected there was no emotion at 19.

Now at 50, it would have been nice to have had closure, and to tell my now 18 year old daughter the good things about the grandfather she never met.

Regardless. Thank you for all the years of free UFC Vancouver tix Dana