ATTN: Dana White

I am concerned about the recent trend in the UFC.  You are letting too many good fighters go, and you are keeping some guys who really do not belong.  Baroni has lost several, and hit a ref.  You put him right back in the show.  I admit, I like to watch him (only because I like to watch him lose), but come on.  How can you justify keeping him, and letting Lindland go?  Lindland is clearly the top fighter in the UFC middle weight division.  He should already have the title!  Guys like Sean Sherk, Matt Lindland, and Jeremy Horn belong in the UFC. 

By the way, I beleive that there are plenty of people who enjoy watching Matt.  I would buy any UFC that has him on the main card. 

I have always been more of a UFC fan than a Pride fan, but with the loss of many top fighters, and the poor production value of the last few UFC PPV's, I am having to seriously consider spending my hard earned cash on Pride PPV's instead. 

Dana, you have the power to change things.  I hope you are listening to the fans!



i'm always listening.

People are being way too harsh.

Dana come to the Pro Ground chat...

got a few questions

here Dana.....

The commissions make the rules. I don't think that the rules are the problem.

Trying to re-invent a new Tank Abbott is what a lot of guys are trying to do. From the fiasco with the Ultimate Athlete riot to having guys like Wes Simms and Phill Baroni fighting and losing and coming back. I don't mind guys losing and getting another shot, hell the first time I saw Matt Serra fight he lost, but man does that guy have talent and heart. We need to be creative and design a marketing approach to fit the fighter so we can promote the best fighters. Instead of trying to get fighters that fit some marketing nich.

There may or may not be another guy like Tank out there. But they should not be promoted over legitamate, trained athletes.

Just My humble opinion ;)