Attn Dana-Zuffa

The fans want Finish bonus's implimented!

On the poll thread its around 90%

Please read these threads for a breakdown

Yes im biased it was my idea, but I'm sure it will improve your product and we can now demonstrate it has the support of a vast majority of fans.

I want to see the death of lay and pray and the attitude that a fighter who has stalled the fight has "Done what he needs to do!"


Elliot (long term lurker turned activist)

superuser - lol @ this being your idea.

but it does need to be implemented none the less.

Apologies I hadn't seen that thread, I guess great minds think alike but some faster than others.

On the bright side I'm no longer biased and still want it to go through.

It will change the way MMA is fought for the better and improve the entertainment value substantually!



Nope I don't want it because it will add fuel to the fire that MMA is a blood sport where fighters are paid extra for brutal and life threatening finishes.... mark my words if they impliment these bonuses, those are exactly the words the haters of MMA will use "brutal and life threatening"

I love finishes as much or more than anyone, however I think the fighters need a sense of honor and dignity,  also believe that honor and dignity is not something that can be bought.

It is a problem when you claim you have the best fighters and want your fighters to be considered the best.... the fighters will win at all costs. Add contracts with the ability to cut fighters after any loss and you are fostering a safe decision winning environment that wrestlers thrive in.

If contracts had a 3 decision wins in a row and you are cut clause AND if they removed the cut after a loss clause, there would be more exciting fights because fighters would be willing to risk the loss to avoid the decision.

Sledhead, you think GSP should be one decision win away from being cut? Phone Post