Attn: Dana

As you can plainly see, the fans of MMA and the UFC have zero interest in watching Gabe Ruediger ever fight in the UFC again.

Do the right thing and ban him from the Octagon.

He's disgraced the sport we all love enough already.

Thank you and the camera loves you!

Man! this guy will probably never live this down. He was quit the drama queen though.

Joe Silva and Dana White check nearly everyday.

They both told me that in Houston.

"Wow I think he might actually see this post... NOT" Dana and zuffa employees to read this site.

ttt for Flabzilla blowing the opportunity of a lifetime!

Is Gabe's nickname 'Godzilla' because he eats everything in sight...or
because Japanese bantameights run like hell when they see him?

Regardless, I can't wait for the UFC to set up Gabe vs Shannon Ritch.

Gabe has no business in the UFC. He doesn't have the heart, skill or discipline.

Dana, remember....


Fuck that, fishy...this goes beyond that candy ass show. He has not heart, and he showed that in the Guillard fight. All Next is saying is that we, the fans, have no interest in seeing him fight, on either PPV or free TV. If they want to give him some fights, fine, but black his shit out on the undercard. He is a joke, and is only mildly talented...dude gets choked out by blue belts.

He doesn't deserve to fight in UFC.

He will never be a title contender anyway.

Find a new career tubby!


Dana did the right thing.

Thanks Dana. You are a good man.

Great job of wasting more space on the internet.

Next is Next for the UFC , right ?

Gabe didn't want to be a fighter and he failed badly at being a tv star. Dude, 2 or 3 pounds kept you from beating Corey, wtf was he thinking? Chance of a lifetime and blew it.

GNPfan is correct.

ban him to the IFL

I predict Chubzilla will not fight at the TUF Finale.

Gabe Ruediger vs Jeremy Jackson (at 170 of course)

Could Flabzilla make 170?

Not that it would matter. Jackson would punch him in the belly and make him cry.

Dana listens to me.