ATTN: dangerous dan

hey man, great fight last night. you gave it your all and thats all anyone could ever ask for. youre a great fighter. keep your head up and get back in there soon. you have a bunch of huge fans out here. good luck in the future and congrats on the new baby. thats awesome.


TTT for Dan!!!

Should have been 10 rounds imo. Heckuva fight.

Anderson Silva is a dead man if Dan decides to go there. No doubt about it.

Yup, good thread.  Dan is all class and fought a great fight.

I have nothing but respect for him.


ttt for Henderson.

Fight was soooo close. TTT for Dangerous Dan.

Hendo is an f'n stud.


Great fight thanks Dan

Huge Hendo fan here...I also like Rampage. Great fight.

I'm wondering why Dan sticks his arm in between Rampage's legs not only when Dan is in Rampage's side control but also when Dan was on top in side control. Don't remember seeing another fighter do that so often. Seems dangerous.

Dan vs Anderson is now a fight I'm dying to see. Dan can hold his own at 205 but I'd love to see him mix it up with the middleweights, the division is shallow and they need him there.

Dan is the man. Tons of Heart & Fighting Spirit. He's one of the toughest none. Keep swingin' Henderson!!!

BTW, congrats on the new lil one. They are blessings for sure.

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ttt for Hendo!

TTT for both guys. Great exchanges with them trying to finish each other big time last night.

Awesome fight! Still a Hendo fan here!


TTT. THAT is what a title fight should look like-MM

Great fight; there were no losers in the main event last night.

Great fight...look forward to seeing you again.


What a fight by Henderson.

A+ level fighter.

"for the love of god train BJJ, you could have easily got Ramp in numerous triangles & armbars" -- Dude Dan was throwing his hips up tons in this fight. What about when 'Page almost passed his guard and Dan stopped his pass and countered with a close arm bar attempt? You make it seem like he has never trained BJJ....