ATTN: Danny Ives

Here is the re-post of Kurt's Post that was deleted by Chris Palmquist:

"My apologies for doing this on a public forum but I am sick and tired of you
bashing the Renzo Gracie name. When you train people for the sole purpose to
beat a Team Renzo Gracie member, being that everything you know you've
learned from Team Renzo, that is an attack on my family and I am here
to defend that family.

I am here to call you out!! I am here to defend the Renzo Gracie name and
challenge you to a NHB fight. I understand if you are scared, if that’s the
case I will do a GI or No-Gi match with you at any weight. For the record, I
want it to be know that I truly want it to be an NHB fight so I can punch
you in the face.

You and I have a lot of history and I would like to end all of the bad blood
and smack talking in the RING. No more of this hiding behind a computer
screen, its time for you to step up and be a man. You pick the event. You
pick the weight. If promoters don't come up with a good proposal for both of
us, being that we know how much this match is worth, we can do this behind
closed doors, only you, myself and a ref chosen by both of us.
Ill see you there.

Kurt Pellegrino

P.S Attn: Mike C

You are always backing Danny up and I understand you are his friend. You
weren't there when this whole thing started. As everyone
knows Danny and I are the same weight. Danny can pick the weight. It is time
for Danny to step up and be a man. It is time for him to fight his own
battles and not have his friends fight them for him."

didnt this get erased or something