Attn: Daredevil

What are your opinions on:

Enochian Magick
Kaos Magick
Shiavite Tantra (& kundalini yoga)
Temple of Set stuff (not sure what they use)

as systems how would you rate them regarding magickal results? spiritual results? and difficulty of get to grips with the theory

also - Witchcraft and Shamanism?

just interested in hearing your views and opinions.

Thanks i really appreciate that info. I have hardly any experience with the more ritualistic western ceremonial systems.
Interesting to note the T.o.Set is a fraud, they always give the impression of having some ancient egyptian roots..

I agree with you about the neo-paganism. just a media fashion like goths a few years ago. Having said that though maybe the illuminati human sacrifice stories are the 'old skool' Druids carrying the old ways on.
Also i think that people jumping on the faddish wicca and hippy shaman bandwagon are disrespectful to the people who spend years breaking out of psychosis/schzophrenia as part of the shamanic crisis.

anyway, thanks for the reply. I am more into the eastern mysticism, shamanism and Kaos side (e.g. disorganized) so its nice to have someone with info about the more refined systems.