attn: DasBeaver

Want to tab out a song for me?

forget today, forget tomorrow by Ann Beretta

I need to learn this song... its gonna get me laid for sure!

Well, since its for a good cause I'll give it a shot.

But only if you look at this thread first.

I will check them out for sure ... i've actually heard the name before.... but never bothered to check into them

Get ready for some action.This song is actually pretty easy. Use a capo on the third fret (they didn't show up very well). Once you learn the progression all you really have to do is what I refer to as the 'pinkie wiggle wank' - basically just wiggle your pinky around while you're making the D chord shape. The progression is basically the same throughout the song, but at one point after the 2nd chorus he plays the chords for twice as long. That was my last sheet of chord paper, its not sperm.Here is the progression, listen to the song to get the rhythm and hear where the pinkie does its thing. I tabbed out the intro and the first break notes, you play that while holding the above chords.Good luck!

Awesome! you are the man

You just landed me some nice punk rock pussy.... hopefully

Now i just gotta see if i can sing it while playing... not really my thing but i'd definently seal the deal if i can do that

One week to practice! all i need now is to get these fucking stitches out of my hand

I do what I can to further the chase of punk rock pussy.

I finally went and found some pics of this band, I had to see how ugly Ann Beretta was with a voice like that.

guess you where a little disappointed with the looks eh!

I think i should be able to pull off singing this one

Yeah, no kidding. I was hoping for a Wendy O williams or something.

Hey, it looks like I've got a gig with a decent local band. Sort of 'end of the century' era ramones mixed with 50's rockabilly with horns.