Attn: Dave Lang


There seems to be a great opportunity to make easy bucks($5,000+staying at a five-star hotel) if you or your student beats MMAguy in a grappling contest.

MMAguy has set upon a date, but judging from his tone I strongy feel that this offer will be valid for many years to come and that the venue for you guys to meet is negotiable(Today I learned MMAguy has just opened a gym, so you can ask him if you can go there. Be friendly).

Check the "Lang at it again?" thread.

I will not read, LOL


In for the inevitable array of nothingness that this thread will lead to. Phone Post

Also, Sifu Edwards has thrown you under the bus on the other thread.  Any response?  How long has he known you and by what names?  Was he aware of the prior investigation into your credentials prior to a few days ago?