Attn: Dirty!!!

Your opinion on the Marquart/Silva fight please.

They are gonna fight. And then they will be done. One will win, one will lose. Unless it's a draw, then we all lose.

Just my opinion.

Very deep.........makes you think.....

what do you expect, he's from winnipeg. we're philosophical by nature because of our winters.

One time someone asked me, "If you only had one week to live, what would you do?

I said I would move to Winnipeg, because a week there is a fucking lifetime.

Thanx Joe.

my 2 cents...doesn't amount to much but...

Marquardt via boring fight...he will play safe and his stand up is very nice. Watch his opposite hand every time he defends a strike....beautiful. He always is preparing for a counter or a scoop away. He is bloody strong and counters the take down well.

Dirty...elaborate please. Dougie, don't.

f*#ked if I know. I just wanna be a fan for tis one.

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