sorry i missed yo last night - i was there - 8th row from the stage, said hi to adam and rory, but i couldnt get on stage to the scorer table - was that you helping the, ring girls in and out of the ring?

yes that was me. Along with scorekeeper I had that tough job but someone had to do it....What did you think of the event?

i really like it - they only fight i didnt like was that real tall white boxer who won after the black kid gave up -

Ebo was one of the best boxer i ever saw -

i was laughing how in the south almost all the match upos seemed like it was a white guy against a black guy

BTW - the blond who gave out the medals (she was sitting on your knee) - had a perfect ass - a beat up face, and really fucked up looking tits - I liked the bruntett sitting on your knee much better, although see didnt know how to dance