ATTN: Docs - hiv question...

Have you ever had a heterosexual male patient acquire hiv through sex with a woman?

I know it happens all the time in Africa, and happens here as well, but Im wondering if you have ever seen it firsthand (meaning, a patient that you were "certain" was hetero and became infected).

I'm wondering if it is "common" (I know that is a relative term) or if some people who become infected lie about their sexuality or behavior.

Very uncommon, although I do not see hiv patients anynmore. I trained in NYC, saw a ton of aids there. People lie sometimes about their homosexuality so that can factor into it too. If you have any penile sores or lesions, that increases risk of transmission.

Thanks, Howard. What about oral sex on a woman? Do you know of any documented cases? The info online is all over the place.

Have not looked it up in awhile, would guess that it is unlikely.