ATTN: Dont be gay clan SOCOM 2

Sofa King and I are going to rebuild the clan from the ground up. We have like 3 spots left, once we fill up we're gonna start booting the fuckers that are no longer playing (PUN,SPRAWL,JETER) so if you want to keep your spot in the clan, GET BACK ON SOCOM!!!

Dazen is still playing!!!

fuck you, my ps2 and computer went out from a power surge, i just got a new computer


i'll come back and play socom as soon as i get a new ps2

YOU GUYS ARE LOSERS!!! Why dont you start playing Socom again, no bullshit excuses are worthy of my ears!!!

I demand for you to come back to PS2 before I fuck your mother you dildo!!!

im sad to say, im now on xbox, go ask ur mommys for one and xbox live for chistmas

The clan is full again!!! Fuck you losers, Charlie Murphy would own both of you at the same time!!!

well, have fun joker, with all those ppl that u dont even know!!! LOSER!!!

I have only been playing with Charlie Murphy a week and I KNOW he would fuck both you and your best friend Pun sideways in a 2 on 1 battle for supremacy, LOSER!!!

fuck halo 2, joker i'll be back as soon as i can get another ps2

Thanks Sprawl, the clan has become elite since we replaced Pun and Killer with real players and not recycled drama queens like they are.

yea, we got friends lists so u can tell whos on any game and when, DO YOU???

pun and killer are correct. come over to the dark side, and enjoy some HALO lovin.

nicely said Bretbjj, Sprawl dude get a damn xbox instead of an outdated PS2, seriously, and you too joker, get a damn xbox for x-mas and you can continue the BDI trilogy over here on xbox, if you want me to get on Socom so we can talk then post a time and i'll try to be on. TTYL

I will only play on XBOX if Killer and Pun have squashed their hate and given eachother an uncomfortable man-hug as a sign of peace.

Killer gives Pun a Manhug
And btw joker, me and pun are tight again and we've been tight since we both got XBOX LIVE.

How gay of you to give another man a manhug!!!

The Socom roster is full and im gonna start booting bitches!!! Starting with your boy Cutter!!!

i think my girl friend is getting me a ps2 for X-mas



send her back to the store after you unwrapp it, and tell her not to come back until she has an XBox

Big Pun, im too good for you and you're pole smoking counterparts.

PS: Im getting one for xmas :)

But im still gonna be a SOCOM first person