This guy had the posts up about buying posters off ebay. When i clicked on the link asked him if he just had a UFC 52 poster available. Came to the agreement for $18 for the poster. I paypalled the money right away on the 18th of may. Paypal says on the 22nd he notified electronically of shipping, but since then he hasn't shipped the item. I have sent several emails to him, with no answer. And to boot, now paulie sue, whos previous ebay ID was fiercetimbo17, has started a brand new ebay id and claims, it was his friend who he let promote the posters on his ID. Amazing how low people are, $18 and the guy is ripping me off. Fuck You pal. I am filing a payapl fraud complaint, in an attempt to get my money back, but im actually pissed for no poster. Any other suggestions fellas.



What kind of ebay rating did he have?

Has happened to me before. It sucks. Luckily it wasnt much but still a pain in the ass and makes you not trust buying stuff off the net.

the purchase wasnt through ebAy, but i asked him questions through ebay, so they are all on record im looking to get him taken off ebay. The ID fierce timbo has a rating of like 17-20, all positive i believe, but no mma and no autographed stuff or anything like that. His new ID has 0 becaus eits brand new. Also I thought it was quite odd that after i had agreed to the pruchase and paid, he had close to 10 listings of ufc 51,52, and 55 posters, and now paulie sue has the same listing. Fucking bullshit.

it used to be if it was under $20 they souldn't do anything ...

I stopped dealing with him after Bio-Dome

I sent an email, i doubt anything will be done and to be honest, its not the money. I wanted that poster for a while, thought i had it and bam, get ripped off. I can only hope the guy shows that hes not a complete jerk and at some point contacts me, but i dont see it happening.

I have his mailing address is there anything i can do guys.

Just tell him you're showing up tomorrow to pick up the poster...that should light a fire under his ass!

i'm glad you came on here and exposed the douche....a**holes like that make me sick.


Guys, i would definately appreciate your help keeping this up top for a while to let people know

goin up


Up to make the Douchbag known.


Link to his phony auction: with his head!

i guess man. I didnt realize how hard to get ahold of a 52 was and shouldnt have thought i was actually getting it at $18 apparently. I've personally never had a problem buying something online and this really bugs me.

paypal is the WORST. there's a reason they had that huge class-action lawsuit judgment a while back..

ebay/Paypal will definitely do something.
I believe you have 45 days to lodge a claim.
You can get your money back.

im working on it thanks for the update fellas. Ill be contacting paypal now