Ruin your rep for $18???

Hope it was worth it! ttt

Problem is not only did he ruin his rep, he still is trying to sell the same posters on ebay as we speak. Not fair for other people to be ripped off. I filed a dispute on paypal



I know how you feel, it really sucks. I also bought the fiercetimbo posters, but luckily i did it thru ebay. I will be filing a complaint thru ebay today or tomorrow because of no response after 10 days, i will also notify them about the pauliesue account,  and paypal will return my money if he does not respond to me or them with a tracking # in 3 days, i have been thru this before. Really sucks because i really just wanted the posters.

Paypal may have changed their policy since it happened to me a few years
ago, but there are a lot of disclaimers involved. I used a debit/credit card
and wasn't able to get my money back. Don't remember all the legalities,
but should have used a standard credit card supposedly.

Anyway, last time I ever purchased anything from ebay with paypal.

Hey, i just got a email saying that a paypal generated usps shipping label was created, so i guess i will check it out tomorrow and we will see what happens, but it has already been 10 days. If you paid thru paypal and there was no auction its hard to get your money back, easier if it was an ebay auction since now ebay owns paypal. 

Have not got my posters yet, anyone else got thiers? I did finally file a paypal dispute a minute ago. I guess we will see where this goes. Kinda lame, i just wanted a 52 poster.

i think he got me too. I got the paypal generated usps tracking # he sends out, but it never shows anything was actually shipped, fiercetimbo17 is not a good person to buy from, i understand boda's frustration, and i cant even get a email response.





I got ripped off around Thanksgiving and haven't been back.  Most of my purchases were small so wasn't much they could do or would do.  

worst I had was trying to get some games for my son and this woman kept stalking me and sending me nasty messages - like it was personal.  I outbid her and she got pissed. 

hope you get your stuff.  lm

The odd thing is he will not respond to my emails, but just as soon as i post here that i filed the complaint, he instantly responded to paypals email saying it was shipped on the 1st. I will wait the 2 days, then paypal can recheck the tracking # and see if it made it to me or not, all i wanted was the poster, i dont really care about the 30 bucks, but i dont wanna see others fall for it too, i hope im wrong about him and he just wont answer an email, but it is not looking good from here.