ATTN: Dougie Truman or Kainer2...

Dougie Truman or Kainer2,
Wade Rome arrived in London along with Jeff Monson, JZ, & Gigueto. He has not been able to get in contact with anybody since he has been there. Could someone please e-mail me, so I can pass along their hotel info.

My e-mail is

Thank You

American Top Team

I've posted this on the CageWarriors forum and will call Dougie


i have called kainer and hes on to it.

on phone now

Ok, the ATT's flight arrived early and Daley and the crew arrived a bit late.

Apprently they are in a hotel now and dougie is sorting things out as we speak.

Email me at and i'll forward u my mobile/cell phone if u need it

droc & Da Specimen-Thanks guys!

kainer2- Wade just e-mailed me evrything should be ok. Said Paul finally got the guys. If you want, here is Wade's e-mail

Thanks again for your help.

American Top Team

No probs

It was a minor setback compared to the disasters we normally face at Cagewarriors.